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Fishing 190 - 200

I calculated how many lantern fish need to pump fishing from 190 to 200. Without lix and dayli quest ...level.......fish 190-191 6.610 191-192 6.960 192-193 7.350 193-194 7.750 194-195 8.180 195-196 8.620 196-197 9.100 197-198 9.600 198-199 10.120 199-200 10.690 Total: 84.980 https://i.postimg.cc/gj...

Re: scs vs cs

-in this case, the external similarity played a big role. the fraud relied on the similarity.
-I do not demand to punish the one who deceived me. I just wish it never happened again in the future.

scs vs cs

to make the "combination lix and super combination lix" looks different. and that to me when selling replaced. scs promised and given cs.

I asked to sell me scs 10k each. [removed] agreed. and after the purchase found the usual cs.

Re: Top clan and Server

Erodier wrote:long story short: balor is prob the worst server. bad economy. all clans work together and use dkp but the leaders of that 'alliance' are more like dictators

what the hell are you talking about?


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