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Re: Changing Names

Clash royale used to let you have one name change as did clash of clans. They now let you do it as much as you want for 500 gems I my self would love to change my name, even if it was just the visible one of course with scammers and such this could be a problem. But saying that if you do it properly...

Re: No bounties today?

What’s the latest on fixing the bounties and invisible mobs. Can’t quest can’t Lix. For an ongoing time now it seems these issues are continuously occurring. Very frustrating when trying to lead a clan and play a game I’ve spent a literally over a thousand dollars on. Please fix it! Invisible mobs?...

Re: Impersonation

People creating characters to impersonate others with the intent to scam is an actionable offense. Please report it to our support team. Friendly reminder: Pay attention to who you are trading with! Even if the name is familiar, look at their level and equipment and if they are on your friends list...

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