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I finally got my rogue back! And am ready for a fresh start back in Herne :D wont be able to be on much coz work is hectic as always around Christmas so ill mainly reunite with my friends from Herne after the new year! ;)

my final goodbyes

hey guys, i never really said goodbye when i stopped playing so this post is here to do it! i think im gonna let the game go, i dont have the time nor the effort to continue anymore :lol: goodbye to all my mates on the game! might make an appearance after the next update, who knows. The best to you ...

hey guys

hey guys, my name is Ben and im from the world Herne. I'm currently inactive because i don't have much time to play the anymore, life is hectic. I'm 22 years old and married to my lovely wife rebecca, who decided to start playing about 8 months ago. we have a beautiful daughter together, Taylor. Bec...

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