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Herne lost a wonderful player today

DENMA GAR of herne server passed away today in real life. Please wish him Godspeed and a calm sea wherever his next journey takes him. He was a way better human than I am and took the time and effort to guide new toons and made herne word a little bit better every day he was in it. RIP MY FRIEND in ...

Re: Scamming

medal and need and their dozens of alts add nothing but grief and take fun away from most everyone playing Celtic heroes herne server. I started Celtic a year ago with a large group of players when Star Wars uprising shut down. The constant griefing, impersonations, and spoofing done by these two ha...

Re: Server Downtime.

Farenglane: word . Lol. Trust me from first hand experience, otm contractually owes any one of us....nothing. And as you eloquently point out, we all agreed to receiving nothing under accepting the covered tos by dl'ing and playing their software game. A group of us playing on herne ported into ch f...

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