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Re: Global Castle feedback

The tavern would be a thousand times better and possibly even an enjoyable global area. Cooking gets boring, and having more people in the area might spice it up. Would also rather have to deal with lag and other people in an area dedicated to just one thing than the castle, where you have to go for...

Global Castle mess

Global castle is a lag fest. Most of the people there are just shouting about how much they don't like it. I can't even keep up a conversation there because of all the spam from other servers. Trying to get my mount back or look at auction house takes several more mintues than it should due to all t...

Re: Cross platform

OsheenPowell wrote:Lol no clearly fingal is best out of android servers hands down no comp

Shhh don't tell them. We don't want a whole bunch of cross platformers joining Fingal and making the lag on it even worse. xD

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