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Two years have passed and I finally rejoined Celtic heroes! I'm sure not many players will remember me, but I wanted to say hey to any old friends or aquatinces that are still around :) happy gaming!

Re: Introduce yourself

Hi! I'm new to the Valor server :) I used to play iOS on the server Morrigan, my main was a rogue named Chimpy. I got to level 130 before I lost interest in the game, gave away my account and stopped playing for two years. I recently discovered this android version and though I miss my old server an...

Re: Where is Chimpy?

then who did I give chimp too?! :O and haha level 166 xD that must be a total b**** leveling :P nice on Avalon! And I might, but the game takes foreverrr to download lol

Re: Where is Chimpy?

First I gotta say thanks :p and how is everyone? I did quit haha I gave all my items to Argos mortalcreed and the original kumquat :) I gave chimpy to aernak I think? But anyway I miss you all! How's morrigan doing?!

Re: Clearing The Rumors

I was told you were kicked for switching accounts with BladeOfGlory aka shockerz and scamming grannus. The thing was that blade was borrowing diamond armour from grannus. You refused to return the diamond armour....

Re: The issue with idols

Your ideas are cool pig, but none of them are kind on rogues... even with druids rogues die in one hit (quake, boulder toss, etc...) and all these ideas would make a rogue either useless or poor. You might say that if a rogue dies in one hit his stats must suck, but you must remember that not everyo...

Re: golgatha- under new management

@Nighthawk, I do admire your efforts in wanting to make a clan with a bad rep, respected. The one thing i question (and is why I suggested a fresh start), what's the point in turning the clan around for the better, becoming respected and then boom! Skulls back and all your hard work's down the drai...

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