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Re: E3 WEEK!

jonlionheart wrote:Excited to play Final Fantasy XI mobile and Dragon Quest XI

Final Fantasy actually looks pretty good. Might be my first entry into the series.

Re: Carnage without bosses

Pushing to have it changed. Good step. People need to see this as a little mistake. I doubt VR knew that people hate camping and randomness, most of their staff are just joining the forums. It took OTM years to change some stuff around, but there are still large raid windows, something you fine fol...

Re: Killed BT with 47

Congrats! Soon you'll be at that 40 number! Am I the only one seeing 40 toons on a handheld device, required to kill end game, as terrible? I could see up to 24, and maybe a stretch 30-32 required, this seems so silly to me. You’re not the only one. But the game is sadly designed in a way with no i...

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