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Re: Opportunity Cost

Something that most rangers never take into account. Light heal, bolas and entangle take time to cast, and while you're casting you do not do any auto damage, this is especially detrimental while lixing, you waste precious seconds casting skills when you can be levelling faster and using a couple r...

Re: So lonely!

Gwydion is glad to have an experienced MMO player on board. Be sure to read the stickied "All About Gwydion!" guide or any other guides found on the forums. CH does not have a lot of content so enjoyment mostly comes out of social interaction and competition, your reputation is everything ...

Re: Golden Helm of Bloodlust

Why not finish leveling to endgame if you login to do nothing? Good question. Well... you see I don't see a point in being endgame. When you are endgame all you do is camp, and try to get the best gear, and maybe try to level over the softcap. I know because I was endgame at one point. And you know...

Re: Grieving

After you already ostracize the player, begin completely ignoring what he does.

People like that can't seem to get enough attention in reality therefore try to do so on the game.

If no one replies or gives attention then he will move on to another server or game.

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