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Re: Next months

We will have an update in 2020. - New Chests! Lanrik and Ardmair Fashion! - New Hat Quest! - Double Plat - New Premium Pet and Mount - Increased Drop Rates of High Tier Items (0.3% to 0.35%) - Lots of Bug Fixes and Improvements ( lol ) These are my guesses. Yep is not looking good. Is it probably 2...

Re: Epona down

Hey Dif, here’s a simple yes or no question for you. Is CH going to shutdown any time in the near future, where near means within a year? No. Also, I've decided to re-sticky a post from our co-founder that states we will continue to support Celtic Heroes for a long time: Virtual Realms is growing ....

Re: Next months

If the game is approaching its end, can you please at least run an update to improve drops and let us enjoy this game? GELE -improve void weapon/brace/ring drop rate -remove from loot table rings that have no place in end game (light heal etc..). PROT -Make every prime drop a pure BT -improve helm d...

Re: Next months

Prefer to hear that announcement so we get confirmation on where we stand.

If warhammer was released in early 2020 then we could see a window of getting something for CH in 2020. Now with the delays announced, it would be ideal if VR informed us on what are their plans for CH.

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