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Re: Max dps stats

Ventius wrote:
Criminal wrote:
Draelord wrote:Here is my daily build only attack lixed no pot food or buffs.


Looks like a full DG setup + void axe I assume.

No buffs...surely that’s with frenzy?

Like i go boss without frenzy? Lol

Re: Bloodthorn Feedback

Our last kill was with 44ppl 215+ and killed in 16mins.

Also the vines skill on BT is bugged.. it would go to tier 6 but after that all vines were dead and the skill went off BT, then one vine popped and it started again at Tier 6????! (didnt happen attempts b4).

Warrior offhand skill

https://s22.postimg.cc/kerp6d9b5/Screenshot_20180610-092245.png Doesnt show how much dmg and whatever it does lol.. and dmg on Chaos boss rly suck lol like around 2k dmg Im sure my autos r better than that 2sec cast time skill... Think it would really need a buff or nobody even gonna use this worth...

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