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Locking frozen ammy

Which ammy would be better for a potentionally 135/140 primarily frozen locker; wild grove ammy of the sun or brightstone ammy of the stalker, thanks in advanced!

Re: Shrivewood set & misc

Oh wow, thanks for the hefty replies :), and I disregarded recast charms as I consider them the best and wanted to hear the opinions on other event misc seeing as I've not seen the widest range of them Cx, thanks again everyone for answering!

Shrivewood set & misc

Assuming you can get one, would a shrivewood set always be the best option? or are there better alternatives, say; Osans flaming opal necklace + royal hellfire runestone + ring etc. (These are all hypothetical "if you could's", I'd like to here basis on your answer along with it if you can...

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