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Re: Best faction

Main difference in lux from fraction shops is that for dps toons: Reaver is heat damage/fire ability + health/vit stats. Lich is cold damage/ice ability + energy/focus stats. If you're not interested in the lux shops it doesn't matter much either way since tier 3 in either fraction allows you to upg...

Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win unique fashion!

NATHAIR by: bruhbruh DONN A giant serpent monster guarding the castle interior from any intruders able to get past the Corrupted Gardens alive. Towering above all those around him, he lies dormant in his chamber until his guards signal intruders. _____ Nathair is surrounded by 5 priests, each embedd...

Re: Donn Social media

Unfortunately no. If it's something really valuable you're trying to buy/sell, forums is best option.

For lixes, restos etc. shouting in castle will usually work. AH prices don't at all reflect actual prices . For example, in ah haste might be 5-6k, but you can get for 3-4k.

Re: Should spawn windows of older bosses be shorten after gardens releases.

Most endgame clans still do frozen, but they also have to do dl + EDL + ring bosses + food bosses and any other epic or legacy that pops up. Even if a clan is big, most of the good lock toons belong to endgame players who'll choose to go to those bosses over most frozen. If frozen spawn more regular...

Re: The Reason We Play

The most entertaining thing about the game for me personally is a difficult boss fight. The kind where you don't know if you'll wipe or not due to having few people, but barely manage to pull through. Those take more skill than just going in with a large raid and slaughtering the boss. Since I don't...

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