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Re: Why adding a public hive to the mail system would ruin the CH economy.

Maybe just make it so you can mail a toon you have on another server gold only. No items. If you need gold to trade sell items if no one buys items trade to vender. Like if you have an heroic ammy sell to vendor for 90k. That way you can have some gold to start. No one wants to start over new. This ...

Re: Please install a Leystone right here! - Sign with your mount's name if you agree!

Sounds like a good idea but I can't agree. The ley would be awesome to do the bounties down there running all the way for 1 or 2 kills seems like way too much work or an elite bounty where it takes 30 minutes to do cause none of the mobs are up and clan needs help with bosses or whatever so you have...

Re: PM

Need 5 post? COMEON!!!!!! Thats so much work for some people :D :lol:

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