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Re: Question to admins about Beta

I'm not sure how the current beta and selection process will be any better or worse than prior ones. I just don't think VR is adjusting the right variable with their beta tester selection process. In the end it's all about the development and management teams and what they do with the product and t...

Re: Question to admins about Beta

VR may have decided to follow a different way on this Beta. They are also human and can make mistakes. If they hand picked players to test new boss and things, it's because they trust those who were picked. I'm sure they have picked players who are experienced and can give a good feed back. Importan...

Re: A Beast Awakens

Really hoping new set of weapons include a Hammer capable of rivaling Gele axe (idea of including a sword in embossed weapon set was dumb). Also, I'm hoping this new dragon is not just another Mordris painted in black or other colors. lol. This better be a two headed dragon or a Night Fury! :p Joke...

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