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Re: Demonheart items in chests

I just think it was better when you had an event, and when it ended that was it. If you wanted that events fashion and items you participated in the event and get what you get. After the event, that's it, if you want the stuff you missed you trade for it or buy it. I'm not a fan of aeon, it took par...

Re: Smoking vs Vaping

I'm turning forty next year and smoked cigs and weed since I was 15 or 16. Two years ago finally qwit drinking and managed to swap the butts for a vape mod. It works for me for now, as I still enjoy nicotine. It's saved me a crapload of money and as far as vaping goes, I've had absolutely no breathi...

Re: Thoughts below

That's a really cool idea, I love the fashion stuff. I hope vr down the line does a lot to add to the game. I think the games potential to be even better is there. Hope some great ideas get implemented in the future

Re: Those of Us Left

I agree that corrupted gardens turned out a bit strange. It's cool, just not what I expected. Thought it would be a new big zone where every1 would be spending a lot of time. It's kinda like you go there, take care of your business and return to the other zones. It's not the best place to hunt and j...

Re: Bounty event

Hay every1, just wanted to say ty for all the mini events and effort put forth by all on the game. I still love the game, and really appreciate all the passion from the players and team. Really cool. Keep it up!!! Still such an awesome game and I'm super happy it's still going. As I said before I'll...

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