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Re: Telltale

Am I the only one who is missing the context here :shock: :? telltale is a company like vr, who makes games or a game for there beloved fans and recently they fired basically there entire team. loads of people lost there jobs. Not really, they got hyped after walking dead season one success then bo...

Re: is this game dead?

MilkyBarz wrote:99% of people dont uunderstand the work that goes into development and programming games, people need to understand that seriously.

Nah updating unity is easy:
if(Unity==old) Unity.update();
No idea why is it taking so long :roll:

Re: Changes - Bloodthorn loot

This is a great way to kill the game. Differences between dominant and non dominant clans will increase. Catching up or competeing will be near to impossible. With no competition-for dominant clans and no way to develop -for non dominant - the game soon becomes boring. Result: people quit. Royal bt...

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