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Re: Your New Best Friend: Design A Pet Contest

Name: Truffle Hog Background: Domestic pigs traditionally used for hunting truffles due to their excellent sense of smell. Stats: 500 Cooking Mastery 1000 Proficiency Skills: Increases cooking mastery by 500 for a short time Drawing: (Couldn't draw a pig, so just close your eyes and pretend a drawin...

New Gardens Tier 8 Codex

I wanted to see other DPS Druids opinions on it. I felt the codex may have taken a step back. From tier 7 to Tier 8, it loses the lightning bonus and only keeps the storm touch. Also the skill itself does 7k divine damage to a single target, while the mages have 1k less but is aoe and has the target...

Re: Upcoming beta

We've put in additional fixes in an attempt to stop people wall glitching. A concentrated effort has been made to make gear in the gardens draw people away from older bosses. We're working on certain UI elements based off player feedback. And a few other long term goals we are slowly going to intro...

OTM, Don't Look Away

Sulis has problems regarding players in a certain clan, exploitng the game in anyway possible to cause harassment and bullying. [Link removed to prevent others duplicating] In the video it shows clearly that those players are running through walls. They are taking advantage of alterations to their g...

Re: Something has to be done


Actions need to be taken against these players. As it continues to just ruin the others gaming experience when they can't beat a hack that makes them guaranteed victory. Can't even beat them to a boss with the best mounts ingame to compete, if they choose to do the speed hack.

Re: My Experience on Sulis

^ Everyone on the server knows. Not seen anyone in Ret ever try to deny it. Why would they? He put a unique helm on it, the only on the server. So you are assuming because someone is using a helm, that someone else clearly owns it means they are an alt? That is an accusation without any actual base...

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