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Re: Huntsman ring value

I tested it in beta and it gave me like 200 defense lol, and that was at 7k defense unlixed with formation on. I personally think the ring is overrated. Should give you like 1k because it adds 15% of your total defence Whoops my mistake, gave me 200 more defense is what I should have said. So a who...

Re: Game flawed -Loss of quality gamers continues.

People who choose not to play in clans and rather be solo doesn’t need end game drops do they? I get that everyone wants to improve their toons, but Dragonlord and Edl armour and the weapons were designed to specifically kill Raid bosses, if people don’t want to take part in the clans and rather st...

Re: Using haste dagger over axe?

Well if your a hybrid then I assume you have points split between vit and strength. Depending on how much strength you have then the axe could be more beneficial. The dagger will work just fine though and would be what i recommend in my short experience as a dps warrior while lvling. Personally I w...

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