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Re: Games graphics

I don’t mind a graphics update to sharpen colors, smooth out the weird sharp/glitchy edges, and maybe add a little texture is what I would go for. As a player who spent a lot of time in both areas, catacombs and stonevale, it was very strange to see them changed so drastically and I honestly didn’t ...

Re: List of necessary warrior changes

I can agree with all but the 2nd dash under tank. Griefing happens more often from tanks that are underlvled as they generate a ridiculous amount of aggro per taunt. If anything I would ask to remove aggro penalties so that I can actually tank lower lvl bosses for lower lvls, my world also doesn't h...

Re: Otm office shutdown

You are quite late on this topic. About 2 months late. You could have made your point without this. I don't understand why people go out of their way to be rude. Just answer the question and move on. To the op, OTM office did close down and all staff fired but owner hired a new team called virtual ...

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