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Re: A Beast Awakens

Mind wrote:
Difinitus wrote:What are you hoping to see most with the new boss?

Gonna beat Curry and say a chicken helm (since I said it first, I get it, right?)

But cool weapons mostly tbh (please have an Elephant Hammer :D)

Yassss!!! A hammer!!! Please a hammer!!!!

Re: A Beast Awakens

Really hoping new set of weapons include a Hammer capable of rivaling Gele axe (idea of including a sword in embossed weapon set was dumb). Also, I'm hoping this new dragon is not just another Mordris painted in black or other colors. lol. This better be a two headed dragon or a Night Fury! :p Joke...

Re: A Beast Awakens

Spirit armor? 100% looks like the suit fash with a flame effect of some sort. I think that aura-looking thing may be a side effect of editing the image...either on my part when trying to blow it up and sharpen it (most likely, based on the aura somewhat matching the road behind the character), or p...

Re: A Beast Awakens

Eragon123 wrote:
Kaliset wrote:Is that new fashion the guy wearing ?
Looks like more "electrical" object will come with next update.

Idk, looks more like another suit fashion to me, here's a zoomed in image of it.


Spirit armor?

Re: New item drop locations

Has anyone found anything that drops off Mord Sentinels? There was a brace, I can’t remember the stats of it though but there is a drop. If I’m correct it’s one of those sexy damage braces. https://i.postimg.cc/0yCWyZMB/2-F866171-59-C9-41-B7-8548-583-A9-ADD6-A12.jpg Has anyone actually gotten one?

Re: Frenzy vs Protective Stance

I don't like frenzy never have. From what I've been told it only adds to auto damage and attack so I'm thinking it would only be good for autoing and wouldn't add anything to skills, and to me a warriors main hand weapons are too slow (the ones I've tried) to do any good dps unless hasted which I d...

Re: Frenzy vs Protective Stance

Josh is mostly right. Though I wouldn't recommend putting points in both...only one can be active at a time, so at any given point, you would have an unuseable skill. Unless you have skill points to spare (which almost never happens :P), I'd recommend putting some points in Protective Stance, but t...

Re: Build Help

I’d look for a Jalan or Comrak poison set, or if you can’t find one an ice or fire dmg set.

Your gear looks good otherwise. When you hit 180 or 200 the shop rings are op and cheap for dps war, or you could go cg rings also. 160 is tough bc there’s kind of a drought between 150 and 180.

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