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Does otm look down on

1. Buying Platinum items in bulk and selling them one at a time trying to set a market price and anyone that sells under what I am selling I buy them up and continue selling for the same price always? 2. Collecting.. Buying all of one certain item for a price until you by so many the price has no ch...

PvP level range?????

Okay guys who knows the level range for dueling? For example I'm only lv 14... I can kill anyone below my level and gain ranks/experience. Also anyone above my level (lv14) and also gain ranks/experience...so can anyone tell me in like a chart form all the level ranges . Like say I'm lv 20? Is it 14...

Re: Scammer alert

Sorry to hear about that what is his in-game name on Donn there's not too many scammers on donn So there's only a few who it can be

Need advice

I have asked this question a few times and never got a answer I am a long-time player and have already had problems with forgetting my old password but that is not the problem now I have always remembered my username but I have always for longest time forgot my registered email is there a way possib...

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