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Re: Looking for a new server

Epona looks unreal but based on its auctionhouse ill have to buy my way to the top? Why do you guys sell everything? Lol Im usef to being 220+ so engame xontent is important to me *edit* I think i will try out nuada, knowing its new and progressing fast they seem to have a good thing going, i shall ...

Looking for a new server

Have tried balor, morrigan, herne and rosmerta...all seem to have over the top drama where the line between irl and igl is non existant. Please if u r from a server not listed above tell me why i should come to your server..with plat sales aproaching id like to make a choice soon.. What makes your s...

Re: Why do 4* ph's exist?

Gives people that solo farm a small % chance to get gear..i remember getting a purple crown from a snori 4* That chance is so slim that it's better for that player to join a clan. Clans constantly farm snorri and lock the ph it's unlikely for anyone outside of clan to get their hands on gear from t...

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