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Re: CH Art Requests

I didnt feel like reading it all but do u do non CH requests? Yes I apologize for the long message :lol: I mean, I can take requests not related to CH. However, I do have limits in what I draw. For now I don’t want to take any requests outside of CH... at a later point send me a PM and we can talk ...

Re: Bring old Mounts back?

-1 Everytime one of these threads come up I always give the same answer. Bringing stuff back will not solve the root issue and only causes problems for some people for no reason. The main problem is the newer mounts not being as memorable or unique as the older mounts, so it would be much simpler a...

Re: Against the dominance

From personal experience. You can not take down a dominant clan. Its as simple as that. Now what CAN happen is the dominant clan can collapse or crumble from internal issues. This is the ONLY way i personally have ever seen a dominant clan becoming less dominant, or not dominant at all. Heres my rea...

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