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Re: Pet wolf and dog questions

Does the DoT from the wolf deal slash damage like the direct hit does? And secondly, what type of physical damage does the mastiff do? Crush, slash or pierce? I've seen mixed things on the forum regarding the damage type. Lastly, how much defense does a maxed ability, level 6 silver mastiff do roug...

Re: Warrior offhand skill

warrs are meant to be tanks for the most part..not meant to be doing insane amounts of dmg in a matter of a couple seconds..for the ones that keep crying about warrs having clairvoyant dps go make a rogue or ranger..you know who you are

Re: Mages and druids on crystals

Clunty wrote:If only mages and dps druids were the only ones on xtals, how many do you think it would take to make it around before the first one spawned again? We would have to average 35 seconds per X. Is 35 seconds longer than it takes for them to cast heal?

Takes 15seconds before they start healing

Re: Smoke Bomb vs Expose Weakness

I'm only doing Dragon Lord bosses, which one of these two skills would be more useful on those bosses? Smoke Bomb - reducing 1083 defense Expose Weakness - reducing 1584 evasions Which one should I pick? / which one would make a bigger difference? Expose would definitely be better, dragonlord bosse...

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