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Re: Bottleneck at DL

I would disagree with the bottleneck. This year they greatly increased the spawn chance of 6* DL and reduced the spawn timer (along with all frozens). Otherworld is now dead with the 6* often just sat chilling there and carrow bosses are now just casually fought over. On Donn most people by lvl 190-...

Re: Battlemounts

They add points to stats so obviously it adds to your dps. Seen people do some really nice crits too with wolf and horse skills. Wish there was a leader board for it! I actually like the bear skill, it can absorb decent chunks of damage if you time it for when mob casting a powerful skill, or just u...

Re: Rangers

Bow + increases damage. Auto attack damage + attack. So better chance to hit with auto attacks, resulting in increasing overall dps Ranged combat + boosts all ranger skills so: + better skill damage from sharp shot etc + increases the boost from sharpen weapon and steamy aim, both of which add to yo...

Re: Open Beta?

As a former software tester, I cannot stress enough the importance of testing. If you don't want a broken game, just be patient and let them do their job and release it when it's ready. Also remember that open beta is not just an excuse for an "early access sneak peek", anyone that has bee...

Re: Sharp Shot or Sharpen Weapons?

wookylooky wrote:The problem with me is that I can't solo 4* edl placeholders and bounties without light heal.

I too am a lover of light heal and being able to solo stuff. It's saved me many times.

Sharp shot, Bolas, Double, Steady, Heal, then spares in rapid.

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