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Haste dagger and Dex build for dps

I'm lvl 180 and trying to level up and boss lock as a dps warrior. Every dps war I see has axe main and offhand, but some have a mordy halberd and haste dagger. Is this worth using? I have no haste ring at the moment so my dmg relies on high skill dmg which can 1-2 shot 1* mobs and out dps most rogu...

Frozen vs Bone Armor

Sup lads, I've been looking at the stats of both frozen and golden bone armor for warrior. I noticed that the stats for Frozen are actually better than bone, specially with the 5/5 bonus, and my attack is higher with Frozen too. But then again, I see a lot of lvl 170-180 players with bone armor, eve...

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