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Re: Firemage - Dhiothu Grim vs Swapping Gele Wands

Tempesttorn wrote:The gelebron wand skill does reset when swapping wands so you wont be able to cast it. Even if it didnt though the animation takes forever and kinda screws up your cast pattern to use

It does not reset if you’re swapping the same tier wands. Agree about the animation, rarely use the skill.

Re: Fashion Advice

I'm looking for advice on my Ranger's fashion. I love the top but I'm not sure about the boots, are they too big? What would be a good replacement if so? I'm not sure about the gloves either but I'm using the particle effects to try and wash the colour out to match the rings on the top. I'm also wo...

Re: Extend event until Monday?

As servers have been disrupted this week with being unable to log in, resulting in many people missing some of the event, is there any chance this event can be extended until Monday? This will give everyone a better chance at enjoying the event, and have 1 reset rather than 2. :) If you agree +1 Ye...

Re: New Cross server event

Ahoy warrior, Myself and a few others have decided to make a new global, cross server event for all lvls and ability. It is a PvP event. It will take place in castle every Friday at 5PM GMT. Its totaly optional, but it is fun. We ran a trial version of this last week and we had a total of 45 people...

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