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Re: Holiday Spices

+1 I’m looking forward to cooking up some tasty treats for my friends, especially the chocolate MacLir line. I’ve been scrounging a few from people’s banks, but would much prefer to buy from vendor to prepare tasty seasonal treats for the Crom community. Ryllyn Brodie, Crom, Druid 226, Fishing 190, ...

Fishing Broth

Throughout the fishing levels, there are various broths that you can “cook” if you provide the ingredients to the right fisherman. They are all relatively cheap with the last two having huge jumps in cost. In Murky Vaults, you can cook a Deep Sea Broth from conger eel (somewhat rare) and an 800g saf...

Re: Farming Marks of Dagda (Cooking Tokens) Guide

I slogged through with two alts but only one getting master’s caches as well as my main. The goal was white cooking fashion which I believe required 21 gold marks. I begged, borrowed and bought many of them. When I first achieved level 180 cooking, I had enough for two hats (loaned marks to another ...

Re: High Level CH cooks

I recently finished the white fashion. The best part of course are the trailing flames. The gold marks were a pain. I’ve set my sight on obtaining culinarilian recipes, but only have tens of kills so far. The clan seems willing to help at the moment. LadyNymeria, thank you for your advice via mail. ...

Re: Ostara Culinary Competition!

Two pieces of feedback if I understand the rules correctly: 1) an actual cooking competition for those that spent time leveling cooking would be nice. In this case, removing the hunting or weighing the exquisite pies higher would be nice. You need the meat to cook, but it seems like it’s easy for a ...

Re: Keeghan Stewart verses

I have verses 1 thru 5 and The Final Verse. I still haven't gotten a quest for it. Not sure if it was an option before investigating G of Tor, but I went with her and now take up 30% of my bank with stuff I don't have a use for.

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