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Re: Yall like cars?

My dream car is a 2005 Chevy Aevo.

Dent in the door panel
Rust on the side panel
No power windows and mirrors
Inside door handle broken
A bumper sticker that says "Junk in the trunk".

But that'll never happen..

Haven't logged in

I haven't played CH for almost 2 weeks and I am loving it. After realizing that the scammer on Fingal hasn't been banned, I have come to the conclusion that this game isn't worth my wallet or time anymore.

Sincerely, but not sincerely

Re: Energy shield nightmare!

Nostalgic wrote:It is maxed and i can take it as far as i can with jewellery too. But still the same.

When did this happen then, cos my shield never used to disappear once it had taken a certain amount of dmg


Re: Gelebron is Being Abused

So after reading everything I've come to the conclusion that both Clan A and Clan B are like 2 little brothers fighting over the one bathroom in the morning before school. Clan A decides to wake up a tad early to take a poop in the bathroom. Clan B wakes up at its regular time and smells the bathroo...

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