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Re: Thursdays Server Reset

This comment will probably get removed but i’m sorry i’m calling bs. It has been what? 4-5 months now? You’re telling me it took you that long to realize it’s a “bug”? Couple days ago the team was researching a way to get rid of botting for blossoms, so you decided to nerf it and call it a bug. if ...

Re: Thursdays Server Reset

Server side it was set to 200 meaning it would give level 200 rate xp from level 180. Following the change you’ll now see diminishing returns on the xp rewards after level 180 rather than level 200 in the same way you do with mobs and other quests. So the quest is only good for like 1 level? How cl...

Re: Are there any mages out there that don’t use a Rabbit/Hare

As a mage i think a rabbit or a falcon is appropriate. Falcon is more dps, rabbit is more survivability. Rangers can use spiders or wolves depending on wether they want slash or pierce damage. Warriors can use a boar if they’re a tank. If they’re a dps build, they get to choose from wolves, spiders...

Re: Cg Offhands

Rogue4Life wrote:
LeGenDzZ wrote:Rogues definitely got the biggest boost

Yes because they fixed a mechanic that shouldn’t have been there in the first place, if all cg oh t10 buffed then Rogues need one too.

Rogues don’t need buffs. -1

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