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Re: Blossom leveling Quest

https://i.postimg.cc/bJdYb03J/E096837-F-DAFC-4-B07-9955-53-FF42027472.jpg Can you still get to level 190 with the blossoms quest from level 180? Yes but it’s far far slower. 181+ you receive XP drop off. Sadly VR removed it going to 200 because levelling isn’t hard enough as it is

Re: Pureness

Dude, that "joke" has been said by several people already and isn't constructive in any way, so don't waste everyone's time with spam. If u weren't aware of that, then please read all the comments before u post. Thank you Yea that joke of adding pures to edls was already said several time...

Re: Roadmap

In the past that hasn't worked out well. Otm would say maybe to something or they were thinking about something and players would lose their minds and badger them if things weren't implemented quickly or if they changed their minds It would be better for players to know whats coming so they can at ...


Is it possible for VR to produce a roadmap of where we are going in terms of updates and what’s planned. Giving us a general idea of what’s coming would be nice.

Re: Current Tank Stats // Opinions?

https://i.postimg.cc/zfTDBW26/FE106-FF7-5567-4-B96-918-E-A8317-A07-D5-C1.png So this is my current stats with hero defence elixer and defence form maxed. I dont use any bloodthorn gear or doch gul so i was wondering if this with just gele/mord/prot/faction gear is a good amount. Any opinions on mak...

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