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Re: Bottleneck at DL

I can come to terms with the drop rates being the same and that some classes are played more than the others, but what I don't understand is why all the 4*?? What's the point of logging for an armour "boss" that drops NOTHING most of the time? Also why have these 5* drop eggs or urns? What...

Bottleneck at DL

Is it me or does dl feel super slow? I’ve been trying to gear my toon with dl for a really long time now and it’s frustrating to experience purple dropping so rarely compared to the other classes. Maybe it’s because rogues are very popular? The frequent 4* troll and sreng spawns don’t help at all. W...

Botters at hawkhurst

Hi all. Idk if its the same in your worlds but in Arawn we have a lot of bots farming hawkhurst chests in murky vaults. Its annoying as it is a pretty good place to level and actually farm. Can VR do something about this? Ban all the bots account there or something?

Cannot connect to server

Hi. I'd like to know how to fix my current issue. I have a problem logging into my alt account. It keeps saying 'cannot connect to server, please try again later' and then I'm at the world selection page with non of the worlds active. I dont have any problems logging into any of my other accounts bu...

Re: Does a lock warrior exist?

Ty for your reply sir. Did some research on the warriors guides and I believe DPS warrior at endgame is a viable option? sorry for all these questions as I personally feel like the guides on the warriors section arent like the other classes where there are plenty of guides to choose from. Thank you ...

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