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croockback mystic and hunter charms

mail or pm me ingame, Saethydd


buying a garanak or skain blood or frost set

hit me up online: Saethydd, ranger lvl 200

crookback charm

Searching for 2 different crookback charms (mystic & hunter)! Also what are the prices on those?

If anyone has pls mail me ingame: Saethydd, ranger lvl 190

Re: Opinions

I can't give my opinion on the DG problem bc thats an inclan issue but leaving was a great idea then! I rather be appreciated then be in the dominant clan. Also the poll is just way too disrespectfull in my eyes! No leader in any clan should allow this. This sounds more of bullying then a democratic...

Re: Mage vs Rogue dps

Rogue is best dps class in game, fire mages have higher dps than Ice mages Rangers are the best dps class in the game. I don't thinks so, rogues lvl waaay faster bc there higher dps. Rangers get kills on proteus and gele bc rogues need alot of health for it and rangers can just range. Rogue will ge...

Re: Mounts/pets and fashion

Will all mounts and pets one day in there respected slot? I mean the ones we got efore the newer updates. Example: sparrows/horses/boars/... Sacred watch and the other stayed after the update. Is the idea now of keeping every fashion? On the other hand it would be cool to be able to get it always b...

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