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Re: Next Update

I saw something in this thread about more midgame content. I agree. Beyond a certain point, it's no longer doing quests and learning about the lore. It's more of grinding repeatables and lixes until you smash your head into a wall. I can understand some parts of the game being grindy, but leaving su...

Re: Warrior Weapon Load-out lvl 85

Think you've got pretty much what u need at that level. Just always choose your highest damage weapon that u can get, but not 2h. This. In my opinion, the only time I'd use a 2-hander is if you can't afford an offhand or don't have one. You might be able to get away with using a 2h at your level, t...

Re: Dunkskeig Sewers

Honestly I don’t see any reason why,when the sewers was changed to a 120+ zone, they kept the level 6 rats Especially since the only access point is now through a 30-60 area And then a ~40 area Yep. That and all of the travel time required to even get there. It'd be easier to abandon the bounty and...

Re: Crashes

I haven't had any crashes (yet) but still some lag issues, especially when players die.

Interesting to hear that specific actions are causing crashes now. It seems like this Unity update brought on some more issues than anticipated.

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