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Re: Dunkskeig Sewers

Honestly I don’t see any reason why,when the sewers was changed to a 120+ zone, they kept the level 6 rats Especially since the only access point is now through a 30-60 area And then a ~40 area Yep. That and all of the travel time required to even get there. It'd be easier to abandon the bounty and...

Re: Crashes

I haven't had any crashes (yet) but still some lag issues, especially when players die.

Interesting to hear that specific actions are causing crashes now. It seems like this Unity update brought on some more issues than anticipated.

Re: More than a game

An opposing argument could be that it IS just a game and if you do the above mentioned then maybe it is time to reevaluate some things and/or consider changing your reality. I understand that it would be difficult to do as a minor, however we all have some power over our lives even at a young stage...

Re: More than a game

Why are people so narrow minded? Games play different roles for different people. For some it's a escape from reality and to others it's just a time filler when they are bored. You can say it's just a game because for others it isn't, maybe to your personal self it's seen as only a game but to anot...

Re: How not to get scammed 2018

I follow two simple rules now. Don't trade anyone and only buy from Auction, it's working good so far :D My first scam experience was with a clannie in one of the first eg clans in Arawn, guy took off with all my hero gear and left the clan, since then I've not lent anything out. Although, that sam...

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