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Re: Highland warriors

rob155 wrote:I got an email for ios, but Im on android lol. I tried downloading the Highland Warriors app from google play but I got a 505 error.

You gonna need to uninstall the ch in order to get beta somehow is affecting the game and always comes up the 505 error

Re: Open Beta Now Live!

I do play on iOS server but with an Android device. (I don't have iOS devices anymore) I was able to log on Android beta with my iOS account but character isn't there (at some point it seem logical...as he might be part of iOS beta) Does that mean I can't use him for beta? My character isnt there e...

Re: Highland warriors

Emails will be sent when we have confirmation the build has passed review (Today or tomorrow). It is still currently sitting in the queue but Apple have a very fast turn over for beta clients. can i assume characters have been copied? iOS migration is still running. How about Android? Do we need to...

Re: Closed Beta - Now Live!

Open Beta testers have yet to be copied. And quick question when is open beta gonna be live just wondering We are going to review the open launch date after we finish closed beta testing, dependent on the workload / amount of changes we need to make it may be pushed to the week after. Thank you loo...

Re: Closed Beta Test!

Hey Heroes, Emails will be going out shortly to the 70 players selected to participate in the Corrupted Gardens closed beta test! We estimate the build will be live on Thursday March the 1st so those selected make sure you have Testflight downloaded and keep an eye on the forums for further announc...

Re: Moon helm

Rogue4Life wrote:
Arkhamasylum wrote:We dont have a void version here :p

Better question is does anyone have a void moon?

Yeah there is one in ic on rhia server I think


So 2 days ago I got banned saying I've trade my acc or something like this witch never happen and mail to appeals@one thumb mobile.com and haven't got an awnser or the reason I got banned I mail the pics with all my plat I brought also did anyone happen to get this or I'm the only one?

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