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Back in business

I’m not sure how many of you actually remember me or even care, but I’m back :lol: I took a 7 month break from this game due to unforeseen circumstances that affected my life in a huge, scary way. I digress. I see that so much is different and I’m honestly shocked. If anyone has any good advice abou...

To OTM with love (or is it?)

Dear OTM, here I am writing this letter in a could we say "passive agressive" manor? Eh idc i don't like labels :lol: yeah but anyways, there is so much we,as loyal slaves to this game, are struggling with. We understand you own our souls and whatever but come on, don't make this hell. So ...

How to make THE BEST friends on CH: a guide from the fricking expert

Ok so before I kick this post off I'd like to give a shoutout to my friend St.Vitus Dance, lvl 113 Mage. This post is in honor of him because tbh he's my biggest fan everrr. So now that the mannerisms are out of the way, let me tell you how fricking awesome it is to make badass friends on CH, and th...

Something I Realized About Lixing

As we all know, lixing gets 10x harder as we "grow up" in Celtic heroes, in my young ranger days i would look at someone who was my level one day and then was 3 levels higher only 2 days later. I would think "what the hell is wrong with me?! We were the same level, we bought the same ...

Re: Dear younger ranger <3

Wow I really gotta hand it to you trailblazing veteran rangers, you guys really truly had it tough. That's when it took actual skill to be a ranger! And I love lightheal, I just got obsessed over it in my bitty ranger days :lol: but it makes me all giddy to hear from fellow rangers, I love it :D

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