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Re: Bloodthorn bash

I think you are all focusing on the big scary macro numbers to much, 2000! When if you drill down into the individual numbers it’s not really all that. It’s not designed around 1 or 2 people farming a whole clans worth, rather about personal responsibility to be prepared to raid. Having to prepare f...

Re: Dead servers

I’m not saying it’s down to the people what I am saying is I’ve seen the likes of Rosemerta and Epona amongst others recruit both new and transferring players by making pro active efforts to do so with good effect at various points.

Re: Dead servers

If there are none then please take some initiative about it, game is only fun with people. We don’t feel any servers are “dead” If you would like a more active server have you considered being proactive about it, creating a welcoming environment for new players, actively recruiting to the server an...

Virtual Realms is growing

Greetings Heroes, As you may see in the media over the coming days we are now able to officially announce the next project that we are working on, in partnership with Games Workshop we're developing a new MMORPG for release early next year, Warhammer: Odyssey. http://www.warhammerodyssey.com We are ...

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