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Re: Log in issues

Hi, we're aware, however the office is closed until Thursday (Thai new year). That said we've got some of the team looking into it. There may be a restart at some point without much notice.

Re: Daily log in rewards.

Because tradable 1 bounty pledge every month is far too op. Not like u could get 10x that by collecting remains instead of making lvl 1s to far daily rewards Unfortunately it was being abused, several players had created numerous accounts to “farm” them. One in particular had 800+ accounts (No I ca...

Re: Daily log in rewards.

Because Celtic hero devs have never liked giving back to their player base, don't like giving anything away for free. This community has gotten so use to it now that no one here will have any problems with it. I guess that's why pretty much everything can be acquired without a player personally spe...

Re: Your New Best Friend: Design A Pet Contest

(More idea filling-in to come later, but I figured I'd lock this in :D) Whirlwind: Increases attack speed 30% (doesn't stack :P), Dexterity 100, All evasions 150, 1000 to ability (class variable: if war: melee, ranger: ranged, rogue: cunning, mage: fire/ice, druid: nature), Skill: Gust A howling bu...

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