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Account Issue

Just looking to fix an account issue regarding the crossplay update (Account name conflicted). I would have messaged Muldar but I don't know what's going on with his own forum account and I'm not sure who to contact.

Thanks :)

Brenwan, Goddess of Love

Hey, my friend and I need as much information on Brenwan The Goddess of Love (both ingame and out of game? Preferably ingame). It's to do with a little project of ours, but I can't give too much info since we can't have our idea stolen. Thanks everyone! Information on the other gods in relation woul...

Re: Level 100 rouge lux

For off-hand this is how I choose: Need regen + strength build? Dagger of Slaying + DPS Ammy Need more dps don't care for regen + any build? Axe + DPS Ammy Dex build + Need Regen? Axe + Regen ammy or Haste Dagger + Regen Ammy Just cutting this short because I'm busy, but basically the offhand I choo...

OTM forgot ;)

received_1809512472695862.jpeg (82.74 KiB) Viewed 1874 times

OTM you forgetting something after the servers went down?

*We did actually get 3 super combos but it wasn't apart of this, just making that clear. Also not dissing you guys, just wanting some closure.

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