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Frozen Timers

Does anyone know what the current frozen timers are? The last thing I found was eye 55 min, swampy 1 hr 15 min, woody 1 hr 30 min, chained 1 hr 45 min, grommak 2 hr, and pyrus 2 hr but these are all wrong because everything is spawning faster.

Re: Server kill number 50 of Bloodthorn... still no helmet

Vr doesn’t care about the players just like otm. But hey the same guy owns the company so don’t expect much from them. They have had plenty of time to fix the helm drop rates. And no they don’t need to wait until after unity because they adjusted the drop rates to guarantee an imp+ drop already. The...

Re: Bt helms

Obviously vr can’t read it because NOTHING has been done. And don’t try to say they haven’t had time because gardens has been out for months now. The only way they will change stuff is if more people keep posting but even then who knows with vr they are heading down the same path of ignoring players...

Bt helms

@Vr you are no different than otm with drop rates. There is no point in having bloodthorn helms in the loot table if you don’t fix the drop rates. It’s just ridiculous. More than half the servers don’t have one and gwydion has killed it 42 times with 0 helms. And the helms are class specific with 3 ...

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