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Re: Unity 2018 beta

This phase of the beta is just to find the visual bugs from the unity update. Right, but the graphics are gonna be as depicted in the video? If so i don't see little to any difference either, just some color variations and minor effects. Seems like alot of hype for nothing hopefully I'm wrong Jinx

Unity 2018 beta

Can someone please explain what is different in the beta? I saw a couple pictures and it looks virtually identical to the current game.....
(PS...pls give us 1.5xp to make up for lack of Halloween events)

Re: Locked sooooo quick

But seriously you guys need to shutup about this complain stuff, no one needs to listen to the same 40 people Bit***** about the same thing, “Dedicated playerbase, uncertainty, waste of plat the engine gunna fail rip CH, VR is trash dont kno what they doin”, no one needs to hear it from anyone. I w...

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