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Re: Need some End Game help.

What you want is necro oblivion/resurgent rings. If you cant find those valour rings or emberdrake rings are the next best thing. Look for a duelists or victory mord helm as imo they are best apart from moon and earth helms but those ofc almost never drop. Could also use crusades or focus helm (foc...

Re: Ammy for ranger

Tbh I don't know what the big fuss over those things are. I'd sell it and try to get a different ammy. I reccommend the Strength Stargem Ammy (: gives great stats, +120 Cold I think, +200 str, +200 attack, and a skill that adds 600 attack for like 15-20 seconds. It's the best ranger ammy rn and if y...

Re: Need some End Game help.

i just bought a dext stargem necklace from the lux shop, it seems like it is just about as good. do you think that I should try to swap for str? they're so scarce on Lugh right now, i've only seen two. thanks by the way!

Need some End Game help.

I am a level 221 Ranger in Alliance with great gear and full dext build, but I have been looking around the Ranger forum and have noticed that some of you have insane amounts of attack and damage. At the moment I have full edl besides bow, a mystic annoited band, a lux haste ring, a runic valour rin...

Re: Lowbie / cheapie guide?

As rangers go higher up, most of them don't run dex anymore, a majority are now centered around str to compliment the high pierce that comes with the higher level bows. That isn't really true at all in my opinion. Pretty much every Ranger in Alliance (Lugh) is full dext in an attempt to actually la...

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