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Re: Synced Timer+ the new and improved Celtic Timer(its a different app not an update)

Hi, The new app looks great and can only be thankful for your commitment to improve everyone user experience in in celtic heroes but I have noticed along with others that we aren't able to open up the previous timer anymore and was wondering if this new app is to take place of the old or will you b...

Re: Double xp/double plat

Honestly already so many people aren't logging, due to the frustration over not being able to move, kill etc
I could see this causing more to get FOMON and rage quit.

Please please let's see a fix soon, don't want to lose any players permanently :(

Re: Sorry but this is trash I think all tanks and rangers should be reimbursed for lixes while at gele during crash

Well seeing as players spend real money to get these items I would say they do owe us that as it's their fault the servers crashed not ours. Don't go acting like you've never demanded a reimbursement for something that cost you money. A company has a standard to uphold to it's paying customers and ...

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