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Re: Guide for a dps druid!

Max up
Roots Vines Lightning Bees for your dps
Is the build i like. It works well with both sigils and/or energy lix.
As you can recharge during fight.

Max touch so you atleast heal during boss fights and betwen kills.

Re: Why is there such a large player class discrepancy?

I guess you could say druids are op if the player has over 2k energy sigils. But who in their right mind has that? :lol: Eh, the ancient chests allowed non-plat buyers (or those who don't want to buy anymore) to stock up on energy sigils. Just saw one the other day selling 500 energy sigils, so it'...

Death roll

Ok so out of random arena boredom we invented a new game.

Death roll!
Pretty easy everyone in a circle all roll dice
Lowest score gets one hit from everyone, skill hits ok.

Rules: dont hit wrong, dont roll twice, laugh if u die!

Re: Hollowing Wind no works now!!

Another druid nerf... Hurray i tried HW on mobs 20 lvls below me and got hit 2/3 times It should lower attack with 1,8k and mobs at lvl 135 should not have that high attack. So the skill that took away most of energy usage got nerfed.. WTF But hey now we have energy harvest... Every 15 second we can...

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