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Re: A pic from Danu

AngrySavage wrote:
PureDPS wrote:Is this would be an awesome pic but colby is in it>_<

Yep I couldn't agree more.

Any member of prime couldn't agree more.

Re: app on droid market

When droid users can play CH we will be flooded with hackers. Mark my words lol All that can be done via android could be done the same with any iOS. There will be no difference if released on any other platform. The game is server sided like any other game out there, as well OneThumbMobile special...

Re: new lux in update 4?

It will be funny how only those who have spent years saving and saving up gold or have spent hundreds of dollars on gold will get these new lux items :| Apologies for the harshness or if I have offended anyone, this is my opinion therefore I must say I am against this idea Gold prices in-game are g...

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