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Re: Global Auction House

+1, we absolutely need a global auction house, and yes, global trade too. The longer you wait, the more its gonna hurt to do. May as well implement it now. No changes should be made to the system behind making it global, no import taxes or any of that. It would only sway people away from trading. A...

Re: Mount/pet tokens

I have a question.
Say i have two mount tokens and two bounty prizes (purple token). How could i get a tier 4 white tiger?
Can we trade bounty prizes (purple token) with mount tokens in some way from shop?

Re: hero transfer

MrScar wrote:
wesley123 wrote:Dominant clan killing servers. merge Servers pls

Maybe you should join them :) and share the fight n fun instead of complaining on them playing the game correctly?

anything Dominant will result in dictatorship and monopoly :)

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