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Re: Danus History

DragonFox wrote:The lvl caps was 100 at some point?!?!? Wow.

Soft cap yes, you could go higher. we used to let people get the solo kill on stonevale bosses just so they could get all the xp for themselves.

Re: My journey ends here..

Good Luck with everything noodle, quitting this damn game after so many years isn't easy by any means. I try to keep myself as far away from it as I can now but still have the urge to play.

Re: Ascension/Kudos clan war

So are you saying you want a merge queef? Or are you just saying things about reseting and how it should be stopped? I do not want a merger, certain members of these clans work well together, while others do not, so the feasability of a merger is low. The whole goal of this post was to try and open...

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