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Re: Easter Eggs

There are quite a few them actually. Here are some I’ve found overtime. 1. Draken Cliffrunner https://i.postimg.cc/pXpW6Ymq/D3278-BB0-916-A-44-D3-8-F6-E-2965400498-EC.png This guy requires some out of bounds exploration. A friend of mine and myself were fooling around outside of the map in Heroes La...

Re: Winter Event

It would be great to get a better idea on when this will be, I really hope you're not planning on releasing it on Christmas Day like you did with the Halloween event... Just like a little bit of snow and some chests would be great at least through December (please get rid of dark castle ♥). Honestl...

Re: Wings

Shivahh wrote:Lemme ride a dragon

Those would be cool until everyone and their mothers are riding one and it gets to the point where you start to get sick of seeing them... kinda like spirit mounts lmao.

Re: Wings

I’d rather see a new hat over a new mount ._. Something different from the ordinary reskinned Santa hats. Haven’t gotten a unique yule hat since the 2013 Diadems I believe ._.

If we were to get a mount though yeah +1... although a new winter horse would be cool as well (not a battlemount horse).

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