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Re: Losing intrest in CH

The last 2 weeks have turned me right off the game if i am being honest. Then there is me being “silenced” for aparantly no reason at all. Havnt been able to talk in game for 2 weeks now and am still waiting for a response from support as to the reason why...honestly if it were a valid reason for w...

Losing intrest in CH

Tbh a lot of things that are not the same, I can't rant here ofc it'll be deleted, will talk about it in a video just because I have more freedom of speech there without getting threatened to be banned, stay tuned.

Once upon a time

There was a clan that camped The Mighty Mordris for 35 hours, then her Majesty appears, saying with its head lookin up: "You should be honored bout my lateness, that I would even show to this fake shet, so go ahead go nuts go apeshet" It happened to us that the moment she appeared, the cro...

Re: Closed Beta Sharing Screenshots

Because its against the rules. We dont care if it should be ok, OTM picks up testers based on something and they do the opposite, then either OTM picks up better testers and not ex-players forum dwellers or they stop using closed betas if the answer to anything is 'Well its ok theres open beta' Otm...

Re: When to Frenzy?

So I have tried to look it up on the forums but I have not seen a definitive answer. At what point is it worth it to swap Protective Stance for Frenzy, 20/20? 25/25? 30/30?. Type of weapon to use? Thanks Keep frenzy as high as possible with highest amount of str and enough hp to survive, if you jus...

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