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Re: Buying Dragon Eggs

Mdunc1982 wrote:Ive never seen you in game once in the past 6 months. I dont know if i could trust someone who is probably a low level scammer.

Lol I'm on one of them almost daily. Maybe open your eyes.

Re: Best Android Server

Avoid Lir at all costs. We have yet to kill Gele. Proto only killed as Base right now and that barely ever happens. Necro is a struggle if it happens at all. Mordi is about the only one we can kill w/o too many issues. Seriously though my advice is find a new server. I wish I would have started some...

Re: Wtb one green crown

I'm a 218 druid and 200 warrior it not like I'm just strolling through the server asking for handouts. I hunt I farm I gear clannies but all that means nothing if the one thing I need doesnt drop. This post was in hopes of reaching an older player who has quit or transferred and has one in their ban...

Re: Wtb one green crown

SMH shame on the person who sells to you clans work hard and take sometimes days just to get 1 green crown but shame on the buyer of the drug dealer to xD Lol days? I've been farming for Months! Close to a year now just for crowns, so unless you have a crown to sell me take your drama elsewhere. Ma...

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