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Re: The idea of EQUALISTS

You are claiming infection is ruining players fun but i don't see u explaining how , to me you are just jealous and making up accusations. I just gave u a list of ways your clan has actually negatively effected members of hernes "fun" so give a reply on what justifies your clans actions a...

Re: Couple Questions

Well I am glad for you coming to realization and by high lvl people I meant ppl you have talked in game to gather your POVs which I think, quite frankly, are absurd. Look I dont want to get on anyone's bad side or have any enemies. Ill just say I'm glad you realized the flaws and I know my builds ar...

Re: Couple Questions

From what I have read on THIS post I am saying you are wrong. I havent seen your others so no I am not saying I am wrong. Also, how did I contradict myself? Please explain.

Re: Couple Questions

Well how about you two get some actual experience instead of just taking people's words for it? You obviously do not know how end game gear and items are.

Ranger Grievances

Hello fellow rangers and others parousing forums. I just wanted to get your guys thoughts on a couple things as well as share my thoughts with you all. 1) The long shot cast time. I think its a bunch of horse that it is not instacast. (Not to mention you need to be standing far away but that is for ...

Re: I need help big time

firefury0603 wrote:185 ranger :
350 str
335 dex
10 focus
190 vit
3.5k health
2k damage
3.5k attack
The double vitality rule is stupid. At 160 i had 250 vit and 3.2k health cause of the beastbone armor bonus.

Thank you. Another high level ranger who understands why the double vit rule is flawed.

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