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Re: Kill steal

They shouldn’t ban people for kill stealing that’s stupid. You don’t own the mobs anyone can kill them if there’s 2 clans at a boss do you say kill steal kill steal daddy help no same unfathomable .

Re: Time Travel @OTM/VR

So your saying older graphics make the game better hmm or is it just that people have changed the way the game is played that made the new update boring . As far as I remember in the older times everyone used to work together they didn’t care about drops as serious as they do now

Re: epona killed BT again

if arawn was the only dom server there wouldnt be as many people in arawn becuase only a select few can join your clan for example you'd cap the number of people in clan to about 100 and the rest would just go and those that cant will just choose a non dom server where the odds of getting drops are ...


Looking around i have seen people complaining about blood thorn if you don’t like how it is leave the game and stop complaining. the whole point of blood thorn was to make it a challenge its not a challenge if it takes 1 day of release to be killed, the boss is going to be there for years i don’t mi...

Re: Offering Gifts to Crom Refugees

haha so funny lol seed only will allow a1% amount of people into there clan and they have multiple rules such as you can’t buy any gear or use any gear that was once in seed, you can’t kill bosses that they kill you can’t lix near them in the same room when they do also you can’t join an opposing cl...

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